The end of the season and celebration of our shared success

On Sunday 28th of April we had our Team Celebration for our 2018/19 Season.

We had a Brunch at Billfish Café at Westhaven.

The Awards were presented to the team members as below:

The Anita Filkin Trophy – Most improved Paddler – Jeanette Pearce

The Min Hodge Trophy – Most Versatile/flexible Paddler  Jointly to Jo Hooper and Darian Pearce

The Agnes Ogden Challenge Trophy – The team member who took on a new challenge – Judy Kemp

Special Congratulations to Susan Harland-Smith  who is now a level 2 Sweep.

We presented our Newbie no More Certificates to Ann-Maree Dower and Angie Flemming.


The trophies