Kicking off the Dragon boating season

Spring is upon us which means the start of another Dragon Boat Season. What better to kick off the season than to head down to Tauranga to support, The Bay of Plenty Dragon Boat Club, Annual Fundraising Day.

The sun was out, which meant the “guns” were out, which was evident in the racing amongst the teams across all of the various divisions.   The BBQ’s were smoking away while the teams battled it out on the water and there was great banter going on between the teams while waiting patiently for their turn on the water. For our ladies, the racing started off a bit rocky with us having one rough race, one good race and by the third heat we were firing on all cylinders.  

It finally came our turn to prove what we were made of against the other breast cancer teams.   As the hooter sounded, our boat took off and the team paddled away, throwing in all that they had.  It was a tough race and fight for first was evident across all the teams.  The team came off the water on a high feeling and one can only imagine the atmosphere and vibe once we realised that we had won! Considering that the last time Busting with Life held the trophy was in 2009, this was an incredible achievement and I am privileged to be a member of such a warm and welcoming team. A great day was had by all and what a phenomenal way  to start off the season.

- Tanya Cosgrave