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On this page you will find all the organisations in our network that make up the large and diverse New Zealand and international community around breast cancer survivor Dragonboating as well as key organisations taking on breast cancer and supporting those who must face it. 

Breast cancer support organisations


the new zealand breast cancer foundation

The NZBCF is the country’s foremost breast cancer education and awareness organisation. It is a non-government funded charitable trust promoting awareness of breast cancer, providing information and education, and raising funds to support breast cancer related initiatives including research, scholarships, medical grants, community education and a breast cancer patient register. The Foundation was specifically established to educate all New Zealanders on the life-saving benefits of early detection and the importance of mammograms.

Their symbol is the ‘pink ribbon’, the international symbol of breast cancer and trademarked to the Foundation in New Zealand. October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Foundation’s major fundraising event. The month is supported by an extensive multi-media campaign, education programme, the sale of pink ribbons through retailers nationwide, and the Pink Ribbon Day Street Appeal. 

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation’s aim is to reduce the number of New Zealanders who die from breast cancer and to improve outcomes and quality of life for those affected by breast cancer.
Ko te tino tumanako o Te Roopu o Aotearoa, whakaora i te mate e ngau nei i nga u o nga waahine, kia pumau te oranga kia ata tau ai te noho a ratau ma e mauiuitia nei.

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The Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition

BCAC provides a united consumer voice to improve detection, treatment and care for those with breast cancer in Aotearoa New Zealand. BCAC:

  • Offers evidence-based information to increase understanding of breast cancer 
  • Gives support to those affected by breast cancer
  • Empowers women and men with breast cancer to make informed choices about their treatment and care 
  • Represents key issues to relevant authorities with the aim of ensuring world class care for New Zealanders with breast cancer 
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breast cancer support

Breast Cancer Support (BCS) provides community based support and information to women with a past or present diagnosis of breast cancer by offering opportunities for them to speak with others who have experienced the disease and had a positive outcome. BCS support is available through Auckland are Breast Friends groups, one on one visits, or over the telephone. please visit www.breastcancersupport.co.nz for more information. 


breast cancer cure

In partnership with the New Zealand community, Breast Cancer Cure is committed to searching for radical results for a new, brighter, breast cancer-free future. The ultimate goal of the Trust is to raise enough money to find a cure for breast cancer – in the next 10 years. They are New Zealand’s only not-for-profit organisation established solely to fund research into a cure for breast cancer.


The Cancer Society of New Zealand

This is the leading organisation dedicated to reducing the incidence of cancer and ensuring the best cancer care for everyone in New Zealand. The Cancer Society consists of a national office, located in Wellington, and six regional divisions, all involved in raising their own funds and providing local support services. We are the leading cancer patient advocate in New Zealand, providing a voice on all kinds of issues affecting cancer detection and treatment.


New Zealand based breast cancer survivor dragon boating teams

Abreast of Life, Christchurch, New Zealand
E-mail: Lynne Smith lynnesmith@slilngshot.co.nz
Website: www.abreastoflife.org.nz

Boobops, Omokoroa, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
E-mail: Pam Dazeley, daze.wool@xnet.co.nz

Busting With Life, Auckland, New Zealand
E-mail: Leslie Ash, info@bwl.org.nz
Website: www.bustingwithlife.org.nz

Can Survive, Wellington, New Zealand
Email: Mary McAvoy cansurvivedragonboatteam@gmail.com

Pink Dragons, Auckland, New Zealand
E-mail: Robin Gamble brgamble@xtra.co.nz or pinkdragons@ihug.co.nz Website: www.pinkdragons.org.nz

Waikato Treasure Chests, Hamilton, New Zealand
E-mail: Rosa Peake, rosajp@xtra.co.nz or Julie Retter, j.retter@xtra.co.nz
Simply The Breast, Blenheim, New Zealand
E-mail: Stephanie Moses, Stephanie.mclc@xtra.co.nz

Taranaki Dragons, Taranaki, New Zealand
E-mail: Kathleen Moriarty, moriartykathleen@hotmail.com

International breast cancer survivor dragon boating teams

Breast cancer survivor teams around the world



Abreast of 'bridge, Lethbridge, Alberta
E-mail: Pat Mackintosh, doug.mack@shaw.ca

Breast Friends, Edmonton, Alberta
E-mail: Gill Priestley, gillpriestley@telus.net
Website: www.cbcn.ca/breastfriends

Sistership, Calgary, Alberta.
E-mail: Heather Webber, hwebber@shaw.ca

British Columbia

Abreast In A Boat, Vancouver, British Columbia
E-mail: Heather Trenholm, teamcontact@abreastinaboat.com
Website: www.abreastinaboat.com

Abreast In The Rockies, Cranbrook, British Columbia
E-mail: Sandy Zeznik, szeznik@shaw.ca

Abreast of Life, Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia
E-mail: Georgia Maclean can2@shaw.ca
Website: www.abreastoflifecvi.com

Angels Abreast, Nanaimo, British Columbia.
E-mail: angelsabreast@hotmail.com
Website: www.angels-abreast.ca

Buoyant Buddies, Vernon, British Columbia
E-mail: Joanne Taylor, taylorsd40@hotmail.com

Bustn' Loose, Kelowna, British Columbia
E-mail: Judy, bustnloose@hotmail.com

Dragon Divas, Duncan, British Columbia
E-mail: info@dragondivas.ca
Website: www.dragondivas.ca

Friends Abreast, Shuswap, British Columbia.
E-mail: Donna Hazell, comhaven@jetstream.net

Hope Afloat - Canada, Comox, British Columbia.
E-mail: mpetersen@shaw.ca
Website: www.hopeafloatcanada.ca

Island Breaststrokers, Victoria, British Columbia
E-mail: Etiennette Soulodre, etiennette.soulodre@tvcs.ca
Website: www.islandbreaststrokers.com

Kootenay Rhythm Dragons, Nelson, British Columbia.
E-mail: Mary Walters, mbwalters@telus.net
Website: www.krd.kics.bc.ca

Kootenay Robusters, Trail, British Columbia.
E-mail: Sheana Green (Manager), sheanagreen@telus.net
Website: www.kootenayrobusters.org

NorthBreast Passage, Prince George, British Columbia
E-mail: Becky Girard, bgirard@telus.ca

Paddling for Life, Powell River, British Columbia.
E-mail: harpstrings@shaw.ca

Pink Panthers, Nanaimo, British Columbia
E-mail: nixon@malu.bc.ca

Pink Piston Paddlers, Shuswap, British Columbia.
E-mail: Cynde Russell, pinkpistonpaddlers@gmail.com
Website: www.pinkpistonpaddlers.ca

Rainbow Warriors, Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
E-mail: lorimcw@citytel.net

River Spirit, Campbell River, British Columbia.
E-mail: Ingrid Thomas, thominbc@hotmail.com
Website: www.riverspirit.ca

Spirit Abreast, Chilliwack, British Columbia.
E-mail: perrinoyd@telus.net
Website: www.spiritabreast.com

Spirit Warriors, Kamloops, British Columbia
E-mail: Stephanie Sharron,  stevis@telus.net
Website: www.spiritwarriors.ca

Sunshine Dragons Abreast, Sechelt, British Columbia.
E-mail: Sally Haugen shaugen@dccnet.com

Survivorship, South Okanagan, British Columbia.
E-mail: Sharon DeGelder, survivorship@shaw.ca
Website: www.survivorshipteam.org


Chemo Savvy, Winnipeg, Manitoba
E-mail: Sherry Wallis, chemosvy@mts.net
Website: www.chemosavvy.ca

Waves of Hope, Brandon, Manitoba
E-mail: Arlene Woods, ANCRUM@mb.sympatico.ca
and Diane Harrington, dianeh@mts.net
Website: www.wavesofhope.ca

New Brunswick

Breasts Ahoy, Saint John, New Brunswick
E-mail: Breasts Ahoy, generalInfo@breastsahoy.abcn.ca
Website: breastsahoy.com

'tit Bateau, Southeast New Brunswick
E-mail: Karen Baird, info@titbateau.ca
Website: www.titbateau.ca


Avalon Dragon Boat Team
E-mail: avalondragonboating@gmail.com
Website: www.avalondragonboating.com

Nova Scotia

Abreast a River, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
E-mail: Susan Hartley, sc.hartley@ns.sympatico.ca

Bosom Buddies, a Nova Scotia provincial team
E-mail: Anne Harland, anneharland@ns.sympatico.ca
Website: www.bosombuddies.ca

Cape Breastoners, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
E-mail: Cora Shebib, President, lcshebib@syd.eastlink.ca


A Breast Or Knot, Windsor, Ontario
E-mail: Lyn Turner, abreastorknot@hotmail.com
Website: www.abreastorknot.org

Breast Buddies, Chatham, Ontario
Barbara Toye, Team Manager, barbaratoye@sympatico.ca
Karen Minard, Team Captain, arminard@kent.net

Busting Out, Ottawa, Ontario
E-mail: Karen Whillans, Team Captain
Website: www.bustingout.ca

Canadians Abreast - Messengers of Hope, National Team
E-mail: Darlene Prager, mancany@ptbo.igs.net
Website: http://www.canadiansabreast.abcn.ca

Chestmates, Kingston, Ontario
E-mail: Suzanne Bodner, bodnersuz@primus.ca

Dragon Flies, Lindsay, Ontario
E-mail: info@thedragonflies.org
Website: www.thedragonflies.org

Dragons Abreast, Toronto, Ontario
E-mail: Doreen Davenport, doreend01@aol.com
Website: www.dragonsabreast.org

Dragons of Hope, Thunder Bay, Ontario
E-mail: slecky53@hotmail.com

Guelph Breaststrokes, Guelph, Ontario
E-mail: mvisserkerr@rogers.com

Knot A Breast, Hamilton, Ontario
E-mail: Helen Shearer, bhshearer@sympatico.ca

Kupsized, Stratford, Ontario
E-mail: Wendy Hunter Beintema,beintema@strat.net

Pink Dragons, Belleville/Trenton, Ontario
E-mail: Beth Wylie, wylieb@hotmail.com

Pink Sensations, Pickering, Ontario
E-mail: info@pinksensations.com
Website: www.pinksensations.com

Ribbons of Hope, Barrie, Ontario
E-mail: Susan Macallum barriesribbonsofhope@yahoo.ca

Rowbust, London, Ontario
E-mail: Penny Dobbs or Linda Kuska, rowbust_dragonboat_racing_team@hotmail.com

Survivor Thrivers, Cobourg, Ontario
E-mail: Edith Carr, edicar@sympatico.ca

Survivors Abreast, Peterborough, Ontario
E-mail: Darlene Prager, macany @ptbo.igs.net
Website: www.survivorsabreast.com

Warriors of Hope, North Bay, Ontario
E-mail: Margaret Kervin, appletreekitchens@sympatico.ca
Website: WarriorsOfHope.com

Wonder Broads, Windsor, Ontario
E-mail: Peggy Hurley, phurley@netcom.ca


Two Abreast, or Côte-à-Côte, Montreal, Quebec
E-mail: Donna Tremblay, dtremblay@ca.inter.net
Website: www.geocities.com/colosseum/Park/9839/

Vise-à-Vie, Quebec City, Quebec
(a little play on words, but means focus on life)
E-mail: Jocelyne Boutet, jobouz@sympatico.ca
Website: www.viseavie.com

West Island Dragons, Pointe Claire, Quebec
( or "Les Dragons de l'ouest-de-l'ile" )
E-mail: Manager, June Pedersen rpedersen@sympatico.ca


Busting with Energy, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
E-mail: Sandra Messett, info@bustingwithenergy.com
Website: http://www.bustingwithenergy.com/



Dragons Abreast Australia consists of 37 member groups founded on the principles of participation, inclusiveness, support, promotion and awareness of breast cancer.
Website: www.dragonsabreast.com.au
National Coordinator: Michelle Hanton

You may contact any of the following groups via the National Coordinator: nationalcoordinator@dragonsabreast.com.au

Australian Capital Territory and Region

Dragons Abreast - ACT & Region

New South Wales

Bidgee Boobs - Wagga Wagga
Clarence Valley Dragons Abreast
Dragons Abreast - Central Coast
Flamin' Dragons Abreast - Port Macquarie
Dragons Abreast - Illawarra
Dragons Abreast - Newcastle & Hunter
Rainbow Dragons Abreast - Northern
Pendragons Abreast - Penrith
Pittwater Pinks - Northern Beaches
Outback Dragons Abreast - Dubbo
Sapphire Water Dragons Abreast - Merimba
Dragons Abreast - Sydney (Pink Passion)

Northern Territory

Dragons Abreast - Northern Territory
First dragon boat season: 1998


Dragons Abreast - Gold Coast
Dragons Abreast - Mackay
Missabittatitti - Brisbane
Dragons Abreast - Queensland
Pink Snapdragons, Dragons Abreast - Redcliffe
Sunshine Coast - Dragons Abreast
Dragons Abreast - St George
Dragons Abreast - Townsville

South Australia

Adelaide Survivors Abreast South Australia Dragons Abreast "Pink Paddlers" Dragons Abreast - Port Lincoln
Warriors Abreast – Adelaide

Western Australia

Dragons Abreast Amazons - Perth
Crewsader Abreast – Bunbury


“Bravehearts” Dragons Abreast - Albury/Wodonga
Dragons Abreast - Ballarat, Victoria
Dragons Abreast - Geelong
Dragons Abreast - Melbourne
Dragons Abreast - Peninsula Dragon Fly
Dragons Abreast - Victoria, Bendigo Team


Dragons Abreast - North West Tasmania
Dragons Abreast – Tasmania


Shanghai Breast Cancer DragonBoat Team, Shanghai
First dragon boat season: 2004


The Tickled Pink Paddlers, Mina Seyahi, UAE, Dubai
Contact: Julie Amer, Mountain High jules@mountainhighme.com
Website: www.mountainhighme.com/pinkribbon.htm


Paddlers For Life, Lake Windermere - Lake District
Email: Contact Sue Cogley via the team web site (below)
Website: www.paddlersforlife.co.uk

Pool of Life, Liverpool
Email: Chair person - Wendy De-Corte W.DE-CORTE@sky.com

Worcester Busters, Worcester
Email: Sue Shackleton, sueshackers@aol.com


Florence Dragon Lady, Florence
Contact: Elisabetta Bernardini, info@florencedragonlady.it

Pink Butterfly, Rome
Contact: Orlanda Cappelli


Pink Challengers, State of Selangor, Malaysia
E-mail: Barbara Khoo, bcwa@tm.net.my


Amazonki, Poznan, Poland
E-mail: Elzbieta Hornung, hornung@tonet.pl


Paddlers in the Pink
E-mail: Angelina Ong, angelina@bcf.org.sg

Hope in a Boat
E-mail: Angelina Ong, angelina@bcf.org.sg

South Africa

Amabele Belles of Cape Town
E-mail:  info@amabelebelles.co.za
Website: www.amabelebelles.co.za

United States


Los Angeles Pink Dragons, Los Angeles, California
Email: Diane McCabe, mccabedf@aol.com

Orange Roughys, Orange County, California
"we're so rough we beat cancer"
Email: Regina Savage, Resavag@aol.com

San Diego DragonBoat Breast Cancer Team, San Diego, California
Location: San Diego Bay at the Youth Facility, Fiesta Island.
Email: Cheance Adair, adair@sandiego.edu


Pink Dragon Ladies, Tampa, Florida
Email: Joan Busenbarrick, pinkdragonladies@hotmail.com
Website: www.pinkdragonladies.blogspot.com

Save Our Sisters, SOS, Miami, Florida
Warriors on the Water, WOW, Orlando, Florida
Email: Dawn Roberts, marie00820@gmail.com


Dragon Boat Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
Email: Beverly Booth, bb1249@bellsouth.net
Website: www.DragonBoatAtlanta.org


The Indy SurvivOars, Indianapolis
Email: Lisa Heiden Peters, peters413@insightbb.com


Cajun Invasion
Location: 329 Lippi Blvd., Lafayette, Louisiana, 70508, USA
Email: Neppie or Freddy Trahan, neppie@earthlink.net

New Jersey

Machestic Dragons, Mercer County, NJ
E-mail: Baru Saul, md-contact@yahoogroups.com
Website: www.machesticdragons.org

Princeton Warriors USA, Princeton, NJ
Email: Jeanie Haas, princetondragoneer@verizon.net

New York

The Hope Chest, Buffalo, New York
E-mail: Laurie Dooley, LD1128@aol.com
Website: www.hopechestbuffalo.com


The Detroit Karmanos Life Preservers, Detroit
Email: Helen, hdries@cogeco.ca


The Dragon Dream Team, Craftsmen Park, Akron
Email: Jessica Mader, Jessica@DragonDreamTeam.org
Website: www.dragondreamteam.org


Pink Phoenix, Portland, Oregon
E-mail: Lois Meddock, loisinthepink@comcast.net

Wasabi Team SOAR, Portland, Oregon
(SOAR is an acronym for Survivors On A River)
E-mail: Joan Cavanagh, jcavanagh@kelrun.com


Against The Wind, Philadelphia, PA
Email: Susan Papada, susan.papada@comcast.net
Website: www.philadelphiaflyingphoenix.org

Hope Afloat, Delaware Valley, Philadelphia, PA
Email: Shelly Keller, subbub@navpoint.com
Website: www.geocities.com/hopeafloatusa


Dragonheart Vermont, Vermont
Email: Linda Dyer, ldyer@gmavt.net

Green Mountain Dragon Boat Team, Vermont
Email: Karen Pellicore, kismet2001us@yahoo.com


Pink Paddling Power, Racine
Email: Kathy, dsponholtz@wi.com