Joining Busting With Life

Busting With Life welcomes breast cancer survivors from across the Auckland region. There are no age restrictions and you do not need to have any previous experience with dragon boating or any other sport. You must:
  1. 11.jpgBe a breast cancer survivor
  2. Be at least 6 months post operation and treatment
  3. Pay a non-refundable annual fee – currently $70
  4. Be able to swim 50 meters
  5. Commit to following the team fitness program and maintain your fitness to a level required to compete safely
  6. Commit to attending at least 80% of all training sessions (currently two practices per week during the 6 month paddling season)
  7. Obtain a letter from your doctor confirming your fitness to participate
All members are asked to sign a "My Commitment to Busting With Life" document. Click here for that document.