About Us

The Busting With Life Dragon Boat team was established in 1998 to provide hope and inspiration to those with breast cancer, and to make a difference - through heightening awareness of breast cancer, and through encouraging active living following a diagnosis and treatment of the disease. That goal remains today.

  • To inspire those with breast cancer to lead full and active lives.
  • To improve the quality of life for breast cancer survivors whilst research to find a cure continues.
  • To heighten awareness of breast cancer, with a particular emphasis on early detection.

We do this by:
  • Being a dragon boat team – competing and winning
  • Demonstrating through action that age and lifestyle are no barrier
  • Leading the way in building breast cancer dragon boating throughout New Zealand
  • Being a public voice on breast cancer awareness issues
Through the strenuous demands of dragon boat paddling, we have learned that we can push the limits of our physical endurance, and push past the limits imposed by our minds … and have fun doing it. We have grown stronger as individuals and as a team. We began as strangers connected only through a common disease, and grew to be friends and a support network for one another, for our families and for the wider community.

Our Logo:

Our Cry: